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All Masses/Liturgies and events CANCELLED through Holy Week and Easter due to COVID-19 health risk

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From the desk of Father Gary April 2,2020

Greetings of Peace as we enter into Holy Week.

Since this is Palm Sunday weekend (and as we look to Holy Week and Easter with no public celebration of mass and the sacraments) the following may be helpful as we enter into this most sacred time of the year.

Daily mass and the Liturgies of Holy Week are being live streamed (and perhaps on demand) from Word on Fire, our Diocese, and many other sources.  Particularly, in this Holy Week, all are encouraged to participate in the Mass of the Lords Supper on Holy Thursday, The Solemn Passion on Good Friday, the Easter Vigil Mass, and mass on Easter Sunday. Weblinks for the above are and

Here at St. Joan of Arc, I will continue to celebrate a “personal mass” (in private) to satisfy mass intentions and to lift up prayer for the people of St. Joan of Arc. (Having others present for mass would defeat the purpose of why we are not celebrating “mass in public.”) 

Some have inquired about Palms. Although some parishes may be distributing Palms, here at St. Joan of Arc, I have chosen not to distribute Palms at this time.  Instead we will make Palms available after the “Stay at Home” orders are lifted.  (Since we are not celebrating mass and there is no public eucharist – and the eucharist is central to our faith – it seems to me that palms are “not ‘essential’.”   I believe it is more important for people to Stay at Home rather than to distribute palms in a way that may not be very safe or antiseptic.  

From my own perspective, I am very serious about keeping distance and staying away from "numbers of people" (even very small groups), shared “touch,” and more - for a variety of reasons - including my health and that of others. 

In the news, things seem to be changing rapidly and it appears illnesses from COVID-19 are spreading rapidly.

To this end, here at St. Joan of Arc, we will continue to keep the church (and all our buildings) closed – except for our parish office, which is open for limited hours. It seems to me the discontinuing access to the church, chapel, hall, and other spaces where people gather is the most prudent course of action. This is in effect until further notice. This also includes closure for private adoration, prayer, and also hearing confessions.

Yes, prayer is especially valuable and important and we all should continue to pray during this time.

Still, this is most prudent in these days when isolation, staying at home, and social distancing from one another are the best ways to keep this virus at bay.

I know of at least one diocese where the mass is suspended at least through the month of April and many others have said “Until further notice.”  

Isn’t it amazing how one virus can have this much impact on our community, region, country, and our world – let alone how we can (or cannot) assemble and practice our faith.

Reflecting on what we are going through, I am reminded of a recent conversation I had with a brother priest who spoke of the honor and privilege we priests have to pray the mass and receive Holy Communion “on behalf of the people” – especially now that the faithful do not join us in the celebration of mass.  At the same time, he said, it is “painful.” He likened it to a mother not being able to feed or care for her child.  What a beautiful image of the connection of the parish and its priest.  We can nourish and care for each other. Let’s hope and pray for the day when we can begin to do this again – at mass – and hopefully, soon.  Amen!!

Recently it was announced the celebrations of Ordination of Deacons and the Priesthood Ordinations in the Diocese of Cleveland (scheduled in April and May 2020) are “on hold” due to the current health crisis. It was recently stated by the Diocese of Cleveland, “Once we have a green light to resume public celebrations of mass and the sacraments, we will either confirm the dates for these respective ordinations or provide a rescheduled time.”  Please pray for those men who are to be ordained to the Permanent Diaconate and serve in our diocese, for those called to the Transitional Diaconate (who will be ordained as priests next year), and for those called to Holy Orders as Priests – hoping to be ordained in a few months to serve in parishes here in our Diocese.  We need them and their ministry.   

We also heard that the Jubilee masses for priests, deacons, and religious celebrating 25, 40, 50 60 (and more) years of ordination or religious profession have also been postponed. Dates will be determined once we return to some sense of normalcy. (I am approaching 34 years of ordination.  Deacon Jeff was ordained to the diaconate in May of 2000 and Deacon Denny was ordained in May of 2005.)

Again, isn’t it amazing the power of one virus.

Let us remember each other in these days and pray that this health threat will soon be abated.

Might I say a word about donations and offerings to the church?  As your households continue to “operate” and your day-to-day living expenses continue, so do ours at St. Joan of Arc.

Although public mass is not being celebrated, parishioners can still give “Offertory donations” as well as Monetary gifts through the following options: 

US Mail:  St Joan of Arc 496 E Washington St  Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

Call the Parish Office 440-247-7183 to arrange for “automatic giving” or to make a gift

Online or automatic giving through the parish website


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your faith and for your continued support!

God be with you all during this difficult time. As always, you are in my heart and in my prayers.

Blessings and Peace,

   Fr. Gary

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And More From Father Gary


Wednesday March 18, 2020



As we are aware, the decision has been made by the Ohio Bishops and the Diocese of Cleveland that all public celebrations of mass are cancelled.


In addition, the Diocese has instructed that Regular Confessions are cancelled, until further notice.


Regarding Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms, Anointing of the Sick, and other “spiritual matters” – these will be addressed in the parish, as needed.  The Diocese of Cleveland has offered guidelines and directives which we will follow. We also need to keep in mind governmental directives, including the maximum number of persons permitted to gather together, principles of “social distance,” and more.


Directives also indicate that Communion to the sick and homebound is limited to when it is “absolutely necessary” - such as viaticum for the dying.  Likewise, confession is limited to “danger of death.”


Yes, addressing the implications of these public health matters and the coronavirus brings up many questions during this unprecedented crisis.


In sum, each of us can do our part to slow down this epidemic and strive to protect the common good for the people of God at St. Joan of Arc and our wider community.


  • For those who are not feeling well (or may have the virus or has encountered a sick person or someone with the virus), please call your doctor immediately, quarantine yourself, and follow health care protocol and directives.  All of us should practice good hygiene.


  • Locally we ask that St. Joan of Arc parishioners (and all people) to please stay out of the church. We will do our best to sanitize all surfaces in the church, gathering area, hall, bathrooms, sacristies, Eucharist chapel, and more. If we stay out of the church and hall, there is a better chance that the areas will remain “clean and safe.”


  • We may need to address our parish office hours - for the good of our employees as well as the social norms and governmental guidelines (which are regularly updated).


  • All parish gatherings, classes, sessions and meetings at St. Joan of Arc are cancelled - regardless of the number of attendees/participants.


  • Televised or online mass may provide some comfort during this difficult time. There are channels on cable, TV, terrestrial radio, satellite radio, as well as online opportunities to share in common prayer and the mass.  One website that offers daily mass “on demand” is “Word on Fire” (from Bishop Robert Barron). The Diocese of Cleveland is now livestreaming a mass daily at 9:30 AM on the diocesan website.


  • For those that have scheduled mass intentions during these days when all parish masses are essentially cancelled, Fr. Gary will celebrate mass “in private” and will satisfy the intentions for the masses that have been scheduled. (The diocese has issued a directive that if a priest celebrates mass, no member of the faithful should be present.)


  • As we receive directives from the Diocese of Cleveland, Governor of Ohio, CDC, President of the United States, and others regarding social interaction, we may need to adjust our parish guidelines - and we all may need to adjust our manner of life.


May this unprecedented time in our history be a time we remember who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ. May we continue to demonstrate love of God and of our neighbor.


And finally, remember to pray as we “weather the storm.”


Parish Update in Relation to COVID-19

Monday March 16, 2020

5:00 PM

In the midst of the public health crisis, coronavirus, and more, St. Joan of Arc Parish in Chagrin Falls will be following the directives of the Diocese of Cleveland, the Ohio Bishops, and the Governor of Ohio and will cancel meetings and extra-curricular activities for the foreseeable future. 


Specifically, we have cancelled Stations and Soup Supper on Fridays, Coffee & Donuts on Sundays, the Sacrament of Confirmation was cancelled on Sunday, March 15 (in accord with a diocesan directive); all CYO and Youth activities are cancelled, and more.


The Shared Lenten Penance Service scheduled for the evening of Monday March 30 (with St Rita at St Rita) has been cancelled.


In addition, the Bishops in the State of Ohio (and the Administrator of the Diocese of Cleveland) have made the following statement: 

After serious consideration of the grave health risk involved in public gatherings and in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the bishops of Ohio have decided, effective immediatelyto suspend ...all publicly celebrated Masses/liturgies, at least through the celebrations of Holy Week and Easter.

"The bishops of Ohio dispense the Catholic faithful who reside in their respective dioceses and all other Catholics currently in Ohio from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass through Easter Sunday.”


In other words, no mass will be celebrated at St Joan of Arc until further notice.


This decision was not made lightly. Our religious and civic leaders are convinced that this is the most prudent and necessary action. 


We all are encouraged to pray using the rich resources of our faith, including praying as a family or individually and perhaps to participate in prayer by way of radio broadcast or televised or livestreamed mass - and make a spiritual communion.


If/when we have mass, precautionary measures will be followed - as outlined by the Diocese of Cleveland, including


--No holy water will be kept in the holy water or baptismal fonts

--If the Rite of Peace is followed, it should be done without touch

--Distribution of the Precious Blood will be suspended

--The reception of the Body of Christ on the tongue is highly discouraged - out of care and concern for each other and due concern for the communion minister and subsequent communicants


Thank you for your patience as we strive to follow the directives of our church and civic leaders and establish plans and contingencies to look out for the health well-being of our parishioners, guests, employees, school faculty and staff, and our community.


“Stay tuned” for further updates, as they become available..


More news may also be available on the website of Diocese of Cleveland.

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