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From the desk of Father Gary Friday, May 29


Greetings of Peace for Pentecost.

In our parish (and for most in our diocese) this the first weekend we are “open” for public worship/mass since the middle of March. For those who choose to come, welcome! 

Still, let us remember that the bishops have dispensed us from the “obligation” to come to mass, for the duration of this pandemic. In other words, “No worries” if you choose to stay home and not come to mass. Believe me, I understand if anyone is ambivalent about coming to church or to be in “larger gatherings” – for whatever reason. 

At St. Joan of Arc we are taking a risk by resuming our public gathering for mass. Not every parish in our diocese is “opening.” Yes, someone could get sick because of contagion at mass. Each of us must do our part and take all the necessary precautions. Moreover, our diocese recently said, “The pandemic is not over, and attending Mass will not be free of risk of contracting COVID-19. Parishes have all been educated on increased cleaning and sanitation practices, and attendance will be limited and subject to reasonable safety requirements (such as social distancing and face mask requirements); nevertheless, anyone who attends a public gathering, including a public Mass or other liturgy, must recognize that there will always be a risk that they could contract COVID-19 despite all of the precautions that will be taken to reduce that risk. As such, individuals who are in high-risk categories are strongly encouraged not to attend Mass at this time. Likewise, anyone feeling sick or experiencing symptoms of illness should stay at home. Do not expect that being in a sacred space will make you immune to COVID-19 or that God will prevent you from contracting COVID-19 at church. We should have absolute trust in the God’s divine providence, but we must also recognize that God does not promise us that this life will be free of suffering, disease, or death.” (Diocesan e-Newsletter, May 15, 2020)

This feast of Pentecost reminds us that the same Holy Spirit guides us and works through us – whether we are in church, at home, or wherever our life’s journey has taken us. As the prayer says, “Come Holy Spirit…enkindle in our hearts the fire of your love.”

As we journey through these times, we don’t need to be reminded that “life is not as it was before.” So, too, in church. What we do is the same. We will pray, celebrate mass, and share in Word in in Sacrament. “How” we do it will look and feel different.

Here are some things we should keep in mind:

o   Masks or face-coverings should be worn by all who come to mass. This is for our own good and the good of others.

o   Stay at home if you are ill or have anything contagious – especially if you are showing symptoms of illness and especially the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

o   All should take your temperature before leaving home for church. If you have a temperature above 100 degrees please do not come. Wait until you are healthy. 

  • Communion ministers will wear face coverings (and possibly gloves) while distributing Holy Communion. Likewise, ushers will also wear their masks (and perhaps wear gloves).
  • Attendance at mass will be limited to, at most, 50% of our church capacity. At least half of our pews are blocked off. Then with social distance (and the like) it appears we will have the ability for even fewer people at mass. Of course, less people at church can help reduce the spread of any contagion and to assure compliance with social distancing requirements. We will need to be very attentive to “the numbers” of those coming to church.


o   Enter and exit through the main doors of the Gathering Area. All other doors are “emergency exit only.” 

o   Social distancing will be practiced. Pews will be closed off to achieve proper social distancing. Individuals who are not members of the same household will need to be seated at least 6-feet away in all directions from other households and individuals.

o   The Loft and Cry Room will be closed.

o   We will also need to maintain social distancing while processing, receiving, and returning from Communion.

o   Clear directions will be given at mass for the reception of Holy Communion. We may need to adjust the reception of Holy Communion to the end of mass so the people depart the church immediately after communion.

o   Reception of Holy Communion seems like it will be a challenge. We ask that everyone would receive communion in the hand. That allows us to keep a safer distance from each other (and it is for the protection of the one who distributes communion as well as the one who receives communion). Those who must receive in the mouth may be asked to receive communion at the end of the communion line.

o   Those who are gluten intolerant or have “special needs” for the reception of Holy Communion should make arrangements with the pastor.

  • We have posted signs and we marked the floors to facilitate proper movement and social distancing (similar to what we may see at stores and other places).
  • Parts of the mass will look different. There will not be an Offertory Procession with the Gifts of Bread and Wine. Physical greetings like the Rite of Peace will be omitted. The Precious Blood will not be offered at communion. Collection baskets will not be passed. (Parishioners are encouraged to give online; we will provide a common collection basket in which your envelope or donation can be placed upon your arrival or departure from mass. Thank you so much for supporting our parish with your offerings – especially at this time!)

o   Sanitization practices will be in place. While hand sanitizer will be available for parishioners to use, all are encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizer.

o   Hymnals, missalettes, other books, papers, bulletins, pamphlets, and such will not be in the church, pews, or gathering area. We may have some “paper parish bulletins” available and distributed by our ushers. (Note: our parish bulletin is available online at our parish website,

  • People will need to leave immediately after the celebration of mass in an organized manner, wearing masks, and observing six feet of distance.


  • We will need to clean and sanitize the building right after each mass.


  • Coffee and Donuts (as well as “before and after mass socials”) are discontinued until further notice.


  • Note: The Church will be closed and locked at all times other than during mass – even during the week – because of the need for cleanliness, sanitation, and to prevent any risk of contagion.

Let’s all remember that we are not returning to “business as usual” in church. Again, what we do in church will not “look or feel” like it did before.

Just as in stores and other places, all of us will need to be attentive to these directives and follow them for the safety and well-being of everyone.


I anticipate our lives will be shaped by these guidelines for quite some time. And we will may need to adjust our procedures as we move forward. We all seek some sense of normalcy in our lives (and in our church) and, at the same time we must proceed carefully during this public health pandemic. If we don’t continue our efforts to contain the virus, a new wave of infections and deaths may well cause further damage, and we will lose what we’ve gained from the measures we’ve already taken

Blessings and Peace, and may the Holy Spirit guide us in the way of faith and lead us to be more faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

As we conclude this Easter season, we again proclaim, He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!

Blessings and Peace,

Fr. Gary



Finally, a note about Confessions

--confessions are resuming on Saturday May 30 at 3:30 PM

--confessions will be heard in “the front” of the church

--the priest may need to leave the sacrament to prepare for the 4:30 PM mass

* Everyone should WEAR A MASK or face-covering

*  BE BRIEF (each confession should be no more than a couple of minutes)



   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~ ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Option 1 For confessions “FACE to FACE”

o    Approach “around the screen” to the chair 

o    Sit in the chair about 6-feet from the priest

o    Please do not come any closer to the priest

o    Be brief

Option 2 For those going “Behind the Screen”

o    Approach and stand at the mark at the screen

o    Face the screen

o    Speak so the priest so he can hear you

 but not so loudly that others might hear

o    Be brief

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An Announcement

The Bishops have dispensed the faithful
from the obligation to attend mass
during this Covid-19 (until further notice);
still, public celebration of mass is resuming.
at St. Joan of Arc
Weekend mass
begins May 30-31
Pentecost weekend
* Masks or Face Coverings
should be worn

when coming to mass
* Maintain “social distance”
Daily mass resumes
Monday June 1
for online mass and liturgy
go to
As needed, updates to come,
when we receive them.

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Sat. 3:30 pm - until all are heard
(Advent & Lent on Sat. from 3:15-4:00 pm)

Eucharistic Adoration:
On Thursday before the 1st Friday
of the month at 7pm.  Please note: If Adoration falls on a Holiday we will cancel Adoration for that month and resume the following month.


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